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As a mother of 3, Lacy was constantly frustrated with jewelry options for moms. She was in search of something that was cute, comfy, and safe for baby. Lacy started playing around with designs and soon came up with a concept using t-shirt yarn and wooden beads.

Lacy opened Madre Beads in March of 2015 and her business continues to grow. Madre Beads uses the best quality wooden beads and soft, stretchy t-shirt yarn, creating jewelry that is ideal for moms with little ones. Madre Beads are eco-friendly, non-toxic, water and slobber-proof.

While Madre Beads are the perfect accessory for nursing and babywearing mothers, they're cute on just about anyone! In fact, HALF of Lacy's customers do not have babies!

In addition to jewelry, Lacy has expanded her shop to include diffuser accessories, apparel, artwork, and more!

Lacy makes all of her necklaces by hand at her in-home studio in Columbia, Missouri. From designing the jewelry to packaging it up, ready for gift-giving, every step is done with love and care.

We hope you enjoy Madre Beads and treat yourself to a little something special, today!